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We have lots of revisions in process at the moment. A revised and expanded international edition in English of Healing the Wounds of Trauma, our core book for helping adults, will be released in the next couple of months. It includes four new chapters on domestic abuse, suicide, addictions, and disaster response. A companion Facilitator Handbook for the classic adult program will be released as a paperback at the same time. Expanded editions in Spanish and French of both books will follow.

One of the elements to go into the handbook is a new visual overview of the facilitator certification process. You can download that chart now to learn how we prepare caregivers to help traumatized people and expand the reach of the program model. See the one-page PDF download below.

Stay tuned for more developments in the United States and globally in the coming weeks as our programs for adults, children and oral audiences mature and expand. We're very excited about the upcoming season.


A story of secondary trauma

What does secondary trauma look like up close and personal? Read Stina’s story of her experiences in Kakuma Refugee camp and its effects on the rest of her life. I especially like the ending. After questioning God’s goodness and justice in the world, she is uncomfortable reading the trauma stories in the Bible to her 3-year old daughter. She tries the Jesus Storybook, which puts a happy explanation on each one, but finally accepts the raw stories. She writes,

But I am learning to sit with the gritty dissonance. I know I am not isolated in my grief because the Bible tells me so. Biblical characters all suffer from the torn fabric of this fallen world and their stories encompass the human experience. There is no glossing over humanity; people are ragged and wounded and mean. Yet God loves them, uses them, works through them. It’s a narrative in which the symptoms of my brief secondary trauma don’t feel out of place.

The Bible is the untidy story of my people. It…Read More


Update on Community of Practice 2015

We had a great group participating at the 2015 Global Trauma Healing Community of Practice gathering in Philadelphia April 21–23. Thank you to all who came.

Powerpoint files from most of the presentations are currently available from this Dropbox:

Our video staff is currently working through the footage they captured during the event, and we will post an announcement when those videos are made available.



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