"This book puts clear information about trauma in the hands of the global church. Its roots go down deep into the work of Christ on the cross and the truths of God's Word. The teachings are sound and give ample room to the importance of understanding what trauma does to human beings, the need to tell their story and to grieve. The book is a gift to the body of Jesus."

Diane Langberg, Ph.D.
Psychologist and author;
Co-Chair, Trauma Healing Advisory Council

"This is by far the best book I know of to introduce hurting, grieving, traumatized people to the Scriptures and the healing power of the cross. What's more, this book doesn't just tell you Bible truths. It creates space for real conversations about heart wounds, the purpose of lament, and the nature of spiritual flourishing in a broken world."

Phil Monroe, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist;
Professor of Counseling & Psychology, Biblical Seminary;
Co-Chair, Trauma Healing Advisory Council

"I have found that it is a book I can put into the hands of church leaders. Its straightforward approach makes it easy to use. Its many biblical references touch the heart of believers who use the book. I have found that its vision and methods travel well across denominational boundaries in the Church. This is quite simply the best single little book I have seen for these purposes."

Robert J. Schrieter, C.PP.S.
Professor of Theology, Catholic Theological Union


"Your material is excellent and applicable because of its simplicity, lack of high flown technical terms, and interactive process, along with a strong biblical foundation.… I cannot describe to you adequately the response from the participants. They kept saying how much the stories and the method was helpful.… One lady shared how her heart had grown cold towards God after experiencing two tragic deaths in her family over the past eight years. After the seminar where the first topic addressed the issue of where is God when we are suffering, she testified that she is so thankful she came and she has begun her journey back into God's arms."

Dileeni Abraham
Adjunct Lecturer and Counselor,
Colombo Theological Seminary, Sri Lanka

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